Call for Paper

ICAIRES’2023 Is the seventh International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Renewable Energetic Systems, focusing on AI that is being used in many ways to improve the efficiency, reliability scalability and control of renewable energy systems like solar, wind, smart grids, energy storage, predictive maintenance and demande response.

The objectives of the conference are to provide high quality research and professional interactions for the advancement of science, technology and fellowship. The main features of the conference include Invited Talks, Regular Sessions, Special Sessions, Keynotes, Industry Forum, Workshop. The world’s industry, researchers and academia are cordially invited to participate in a wealth of presentations, tutorials, special sessions, exhibits, and enjoy the wonderful city of Tipasa–  a  beautiful balneary city in Algeria.

Papers with new research results are encouraged for submission

Call for Special Sessions

The program for ICAIRES’23 will include Special Sessions that complement the main program in line within the topics of the conference.

icaires2023.conf (at)


Special Session proposals Template

Session Title:  (Title of Special Session)

Session Objective: The objective of this special session is to explore and discuss the (briefly describe the main objective of the session).

Session Description: Provide a detailed description of the special session, including the topics to be covered, the relevance of the session to the conference theme, and the expected outcomes.

Target Audience: The special session is intended for (describe the target audience, such as researchers, industry professionals, policymakers, etc.) who are interested in (describe the main focus of the special session).

Topics of Interest: We encourage submissions related to the following topics (but not limited to):

[Topic 1]


[Topic 4]

[Topic 5]

Session Format: The special session will be organized as a series of presentations. We plan to allocate sufficient time for audience participation and Q&A sessions to ensure active engagement and knowledge sharing.

Session Chair: The proposed session chair for this special session is: (You)

Submission and Review Process: Submissions for the special session will follow the same guidelines and deadlines as the main conference. All submitted papers will undergo a thorough review process by experts in the field to ensure quality and relevance. The session chair will oversee the review process and make final decisions on paper acceptance.

Expected Outcomes: By attending this special session, participants can expect to (describe the expected outcomes, such as gaining insights into the latest research, identifying future directions, fostering collaborations, etc.).

Session Duration: We anticipate that the special session will require (100 minutes).



Prof. Dr. Adel MELLIT, Prof. Dr. Safak SAGLAM, Prof. Dr. Bülent ORAL
Jijel University Algeria, Marmara University Turkiye, Marmara University Turkiye,
TinyML and IoT for monitoring and fault diagnosis of photovoltaic systems.

Centre de développement des Energies Renouvelables, BEN AKNOUN, Algeria 
AI Applications in Offshore and Onshore Wind Energy Integration.

Prof. Dr. Fateh KRIM
Setif University Algeria,
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Renewable Energy Systems Integration.

School of Surveying Geospatial Engineering, Syria 
Predict energy consumption for land leveling using Integrating Artificial Neural Network and PSO algorithm (PSO-ANN), Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and regression.

Dr. Abdelkrim MEZIANE, Prof. Dr. Slimane HAMMOUDI
CERIST, Research Center, Algeria, ESEO, Angers, France , 
Smart Cities Applications: recent development and new trends.

Cheikh Larbi Tebessi University of Tebessa, Algeria  

Recent Advances and Development in Smart and Sustainable Energy Systems.

Amar Telidji University of Laghouat, Algeria 
Smart Storage System in Renewable Energy Systems and Electric Vehicle.

Call for WORKSHOP Proposals

The program for ICAIRES’23 will include Workshops that complement the main program in line within the topics of the conference.

More info will be added soon….